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EduNovela.com Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

EduNovela.com by Tree Frog Publishing LLC ("EduNovela.com","We", "our", "us") provides edited tv programming for teachers, students, individual users, and corporations to use for educational purposes.

By creating an account with us, you confirm that you have read and agree to these policies and terms. If you are a teacher or HR administrator, you agree that you represent your school or business and are responsible for binding your entity to these terms.

If you are an individual user, not associated with a school, you are at least 18 years of age. If not, you must have a parent register you for this service and in doing so, agrees to these terms.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or terms, or any complaints, please contact us at privacy@edunovela.com .

We do not offer refunds for Individual users. Please see our free samples on the Products tab to get to know our product and to test our technology on your home or school internet. Educators, be sure to test video on the student network.If you are a school educator and you do not agree with our terms of use or our privacy policy, you have until your student users are added to our system, or October 15 of the academic school year purchased, or whichever is soonest to request a refund. We do not offer refunds after your students are in our system.

Terms of Use

No individual subscriptions for Spanish educators are allowed

We do not sell individual licenses to Spanish educators or Spanish language teaching/tutoring businesses for any reason. Any individual subscriptions purchased by Spanish educators will be terminated without refund. Please see school licenses for your purchase.

Individual subscriptions do not include Teacher activities

Individual subscriptions do not include Teacher discussion activities for the classroom.

No shared subscriptions are allowed

We do not allow subscriptions (also known as licenses) to be shared. Our system is differentiated for each user and is created to be used 1:1. We ask that teachers, corporations, or any parent or individual does not allow the sharing of licenses. Like any other service, we require one license per individual user. We ask that teachers not accept student quizzes printed out on paper, or by any other means except via our learning portal. We also ask that schools, teachers and any business entity uphold this no-share policy.

Having been informed of this, you certify representing your school that you have purchased one license for each member of your class. Schools who have not, will be billed the difference in licenses ($10 each user) and charged a processing fee of $250.

No group setting projection

EduNovela.com products are developed with a 1:1 methodology in mind AND we are bound by the contracts of our providers. Like all major streaming tools that you likely know of, we do not allow group projection ("broadcast") in classrooms. We sell only classroom licenses and do not encourage teachers to show this product in a group setting unless indicated. Each student user must have an individual license. A teacher or school may not purchase a license to show in a group setting. By agreeing to these terms, you agree that you are not showing this product to any group (more than one person at a time) unless you have explicit permission from EduNovela.com. Any violation of this policy will result in a.) termination of services without refund, and b.) payment to EduNovela.com for the equivalent number of licenses used at $10 per license, plus c.) a processing fee of $250 for the unreported licenses to be billed to your school or district.

Teachers, by agreeing to these terms, you agree that you will not show EduNovela.com products in a classroom setting utilizing an individual license, or an underreported number of licenses. If an activity is marked “Group projection is allowed ” this doesn't apply.

Our tech support is free. We support the Teacher Manager of the school after that person has familiarized himself or herself with the portal instructions.Schools making changes to the portal (your school’s configuration) without reading instructions or accessing screencasts will be charged $50 per hour for any support needed to undo mistakes.

We will happily add a member of your tech team to the Teacher Manager role to support your work and we require this for schools with multiple teachers or sections.

Term; transfer of subscription or license

All school licenses expire on July 31. Schools may arrange an extension of licenses to August 31 by contacting us via email. Students who drop a class may arrange a transfer of their remaining license to another student. Please contact us at info@edunovela.com for details.

No video downloads for any reason

Per our agreements with tv companies, we cannot allow any one or any entity to download video. We ask that individuals, parents, schools, and teachers follow and reinforce this policy. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to not download video or authorize downloading by students.

No reposting of videos online or on social media

Our agreements with our media partners do not allow for reposting of any EduNovela.com video. We ask that teachers and parents clearly convey this to students. By agreeing to these terms, you as a student, teacher, or individual agree to not repost video.

No posting of summaries of our programs online or on social media by students or by teachers, in any language.

We do not allow summaries of our TV programming to be posted in any space and, secondly, our agreements with our media partners do not allow for this. No student created activities on any tool such as but not limited to Quizlet or any other like tool is allowed if it/they constitute/s “summaries.” Written summaries may be used by teachers within classrooms if necessary, but may not be made available outside of the classroom of digitally.

Ownership of Activities in “El salón de los profesores”

Educators who post their activities in our shared teacher space known as “El salón de los profesores” agree to doing so without right to compensation. Teachers may post of their own creations at any time. Teachers may remove their own created activities at any time. We also reserve the right to remove or relocate on our site the activity for any reason. Removal is at our discretion.The same activities appearing on our site may not be shared in any for-profit space including but not limited to Teacher Pay Teachers. Additionally, teachers agree that no derivative materials of any type may be posted for sale in any space including but not limited to Teacher Pay Teachers.

Modifications with compensation

We reserve the right to modify or terminate this service, any part of it, or any product at any time without notice, as may be required by law, by a media partner, or by any other entity. In doing so, remaining licenses would be compensated in a prorated manner or will be transferred to another compatible product.

Modifications without compensation

We reserve the right to terminate service without refund to any school not complying with our age and level of instruction specifications for each tv program. We make it clear what product is for which level. We do not overlap products for the same level of materials in both high school and college. For example, we do not sell Gran Hotel to high schools for under the levels of Spanish 5 or A.P. This is shared in all marketing materials and when schools inquire. We also have age suggestions for our TV programs with some mature content. Please check with us if that is not clear to you. Currently we offer Silvana sin lana for all levels and ages. However, we do not sell Gran Hotel to high schools for under the levels of Spanish 5 or A.P. We also sell Gran Hotel for College level and above.

Customer suggestions

We do not accept customer suggestions for any product or feature we have or may offer in the future. Please refrain from contacting us with the purpose of sharing new ideas. By agreeing to these terms, any ideas you share with us are sent at your own will and without right to profit.

Ownership of video, media player, other technology, and educational materials; Limits of liability

EduNovela.com is owned fully by Tree Frog Publishing LLC. Any licensed content is owned by our media or tech partners. All educational materials and proprietary technology are solely owned, copyrighted, trademarked, and patented by Tree Frog Publishing LLC, also doing business as EduNovela.com. You agree you are not accessing our site to copy any copyrighted or patented information or trade secrets.

The site and all of its contents are provided AS IS, without warranties of any kind, fee-based or otherwise, fitness for a particular purpose, EduNovela.com does not warrant that the site and its contents are error-free, uninterrupted, that errors or defects will be corrected, that any of our materials will meet any particular criteria of performance or quality, or that any site or component of the site will be free of viruses, malware, or other harmful things.

By agreeing to these terms of use, you agree to use the site at your own risk. You assume full responsibility for any loss or damage. Some states do not allow this exclusion or limitation.


You shall not commercially exploit this product in any way by selling it or related materials by any means. You agree to not sell, license, rent, lease, distribute, or host any content from EduNovela.com, nor may you profit from derivative works related to EduNovela.com content. You agree to not access EduNovela.com for the purpose of creating a similar product or intending to damage it, corrupt its contents, contact its users, or disrupt business.

Payments to us and to our Store via Stripe; Taxes; Refunds

All individuals, teachers, schools, students, parents, and corporate representatives warrant that you have the legal right to pay with the credit card you are using. If sending us a check by mail, you warrant that you have permission to represent your entity by purchasing with this check. All payment information submitted by credit card is collected by Stripe. Any refunds made to schools or individuals by our October 15 yearly cutoff date for returns are your responsibility to report to your entity. All taxes to be paid or collected are your responsibility alone and not that of EduNovela.com or Tree Frog Publishing LLC.

Refunds are allowed before October 15 if we have not already enrolled your users, unless it is the error of the school representative who made an oversight in the order. This might include but is not limited to technology compatibility or, with this terms of use policy . However, in the case of an ordering oversight by the school representative, EduNovela.com will provide a partial refund, the total less $50 per class section loaded into the portal if prior to October 15. We do not offer any refunds after October 15.

We use Stripe Inc. as our credit card transaction tool in our online store. You authorize EduNovela.com/TreeFrog Publishing LLC and Stripe to use any information needed to perform this transaction. You are bound to the Terms of Use (https://stripe.com/us/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://stripe.com/us/privacy/) of Stripe. EduNovela.com does not collect or share user information. Please refer to the policy of Stripe for user information.

Unauthorized use of your account

If at any time you suspect your account has been breached, please contact us immediately via privacy@edunovela.com , or our contact form online or at 1-833-U-NOVELA.


You are using EduNovela.com at your own risk. We are not responsible for any incidents related to the viewing of these materials while walking, driving, or any other such occurrences out of our control. This service is used at your own discretion and you are solely responsible for its use at your own risk and the risk of your computer equipment or other technology device.

We cannot guarantee continuous service. We do not offer any guarantee if your service is disrupted or terminated, if your device is damaged.

Third party tools may be recommended at times in our Teacher & Curriculum Guide or connected to our site to further the user experience. By agreeing to these terms, you are responsible to check any third party tools privacy policies and you represent your school. You are solely responsible for use of third party tools at your own risk. For a list of third party tools, please contact us at privacy@edunovela.com.

Force Majeure

EduNovela.com/Tree Frog Publishing LLC shall not be liable for any delay or discontinuation of service from any cause outside of our reasonable control including but not limited to acts or God, war, terrorism, accidents, fires, floods, earthquakes, mudslides, or tsunamis.

Term and Termination

These terms will remain in force while you are subscribed to our service.

Any changes to these terms will be posted in this space and may be sent out by email.


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